Talent Acquisition & Planning

People are the driving force behind every organization. Human capital is your biggest expense and your most important factor in achieving success. That means finding and hiring the best talent today – and in the future – is of the utmost importance.

The talent pool is changing, skilled labor shortages loom, recruitment tactics are ever-changing, and the costs associated with choosing the wrong candidates are higher than ever. To help you navigate the nuanced waters of HR talent acquisition and planning, HR expert, Jonna Contacos-Sawyer, shares her ideas, best practices, and recommendations for effective, efficient, and strategic recruiting, hiring, and planning for new employees.



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At HR Consultants our prime role is to assist the client to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organization. Our management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale.  

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HR Consultants Inc. provides employers with human capital solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk. We can help organizations large and small establish, out-source and troubleshoot any and all essential Human Resource functions. Learn about our full service offerings.

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