Talent Acquisition & Planning

People are the driving force behind every organization. Human capital is your biggest expense and your most important factor in achieving success. That means finding and hiring the best talent today – and in the future – is of the utmost importance.

The talent pool is changing, skilled labor shortages loom, recruitment tactics are ever-changing, and the costs associated with choosing the wrong candidates are higher than ever. To help you navigate the nuanced waters of HR talent acquisition and planning, HR expert, Jonna Contacos-Sawyer, shares her ideas, best practices, and recommendations for effective, efficient, and strategic recruiting, hiring, and planning for new employees.

The Connection Between Job Analysis and Market Pricing

Written by Judi Mickey.

Market pricing can help organizations arrive at an externally competitive wage that will help them recruit, retain, and motivate their workforce; but equally important is developing an accurate sense of a job’s internal worth and value to the company. This becomes even more critical as the size of the organization increases and employers have to…

Are Background Checks Necessary in the Hiring Process?

Written by Polly Wright.


Statistics show that one in four American adults has an arrest or conviction that shows up in a routine criminal background check. If we venture into credit checks, the statistics can get even higher. Faced with these facts, as well as the risk of a negligent hiring claim, the most common answer is “yes” –…

The Employers’ Guide to Conducting a Great Job Interview

Written by Jonna Contacos-Sawyer.

HRC - The Employer's Guide To Conducting A Job Interview

The first step to conducting an effective employee interview begins even before a candidate walks through the door. It starts with a job description. Develop a Job Description Screening Tool Employers should have the job documented, identifying the essential functions, competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities required to minimally succeed and use the description as a…